1. The little Feeling of fuck you!
  2. Expectations are Funny Things
  3. Naked on the Rocks
  4. Time is slipping under my Finger
  5. The Path of Paranoia
  6. Jesus ignored me
  7. Filling the Void with Disco Dancing
  8. Packing & Panicking
  9. Death at Kunsthalle
  10. Money Making Monster Bitch
  11. Freaking out over Body Fluids
  12. When MTV was still cool
  13. God will punish you for poor Decision Making
  14. Rolling my Eyes over Love
  15. Alpine Camouflage (in the atmosphere)
  16. That’s the Void Honey

The tribute to a great summer

On a probably too sunny afternoon, we got the idea to form our own band and the untainted beauty of nature suggested us to call it likewise: Betty and the Booby Pushers found its way.
Then it was natural to recognize in our daily frizzy frenzy all the titles wisely suggested by our wild creativity.
It took time to collect a righteous amount of wonders, but finally we are ready to share it to the World!